Makeda Thomas

Today I had the honor of taking a master class from Makeda Thomas, an international creator and performer.  The class was a modern fusion with an African influence, and was much needed towards the end of a hard semester.

Dance is such a love/hate relationship, it’s sometimes easy to forget why we ever signed up for it in the first place.  This semester has been especially challenging because the “freaking out because I’m away from home” feeling kicked in really late in my second semester of college.  Today’s class was just so joyful, it reminded me why I love dance.  The energy amongst the students, teacher, musician, and even those watching was so beautiful and happy.  Everyone was smiling and enjoying themselves!  The style of the class was very different than what a lot of us are used to, but that didn’t matter.  Instead of getting frustrated as sometimes happens, everyone was just doing their best and doing their own movement and enjoying every second of it.  The phrase that Makeda said that resonated with me the most was “go for broke.”  It doesn’t matter if you’re messy and falling down in class, do it there so that it doesn’t happen onstage.  I’ve been focusing so hard on controlling my movement at all times instead of riding the through line that I had forgotten that it’s ok to mess up.  Finding that again was so much fun to just play with the movement.

It is so easy to get caught up in comparing yourself to others and focusing on how much work dance is.  I am so grateful that I was reminded this morning that dance is joyous and makes everything ok.


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