Final Composition Study

Earlier in the year, our Composition I class became interested in the idea of doing an “ugly” study.  Upon further thought however, we were puzzled as to how to complete such a thing.  What would make some movement “ugly” but other movement “pretty?”  Our teacher, Daniel Roberts, eventually culminated our thoughts into our final project.  What we think of as “ugly” tends to be the opposite of how we move, so our final was to pick three of our movement tendencies, create movement that was the opposite of them, and then compose a duet.

After a year, I have discovered that my movement tendencies are strong initiation and release, use of second position plie, and released floor work.  To embody the opposite of these tendencies I used constant movement with a scanning focus, first position parallel releve, and held movement off the floor with jumps.  Laura DeAngelis’ tendencies were an internal focus, pedestrian hand gestures, and use of sarcastic concepts.  To do the opposite of her tendencies she used an external focus with her eyes and relations with me, leg and feet gestures, and genuine movement in relation to me.

While our tendencies were very different, Laura and I worked well together.  It was fun and reflective to see how we have grown this year in creating movement and how our experiences melded together to make this final compositional study.

Videographer: Baylie MacRae


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