Wicked Master Class

After a long summer of zero dance opportunities, I am thrilled to be back in Columbus, Ohio to start my sophomore year as a BFA in Dance.  Before the Autumn semester started, I was invited to a master class hosted by Artisan Dance Studio and taught by cast member Lauren Houghton of the National Tour of Wicked.

Wicked the Musical has a special place in my heart; it is the first Broadway show I have ever seen.  The overwhelming emotions and tears that fell as I left the Gershwin Theatre on my sixteenth birthday inspired the path to me becoming the Broadway nerd that I am several years later.  That being said, learning choreography from and dancing to “Dancing through Life” from one of my favorite musicals made for a great morning.  Lauren was kind, instructive, and energetic, and provided valuable insight into the Broadway audition process and lifestyle.  I am so thankful for an amazing class from an amazing person.

I am a dance major for a reason; obviously I do enjoy dancing.  However, this class was one of the most fun classes I have ever had.  I seem to be finding a pattern in that my favorite classes are the ones in a jazz or Broadway style, and I am excited to pursue that avenue as I continue my education at The Ohio State University.


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