Playing with Meter

This past week in Composition II we have been playing with meter, specifically 3/4 time.  Our latest assignment was to compose eight measures in voluptuous, circulatory movement while keeping an even tempo and accenting downbeats.

This study was challenging from start to finish.  Simply keeping an even tempo working only in silence was difficult, let alone crafting indulgent movement that would still read clearly as a 3/4 time.  Accenting the downbeats became repetitive as only certain syncopations felt possible to keep a definitive accent on the “one.”

After showing our individual studies, we formed groups of four and chose one choreographer.  This choreographer (Kailee Segarra for our group) taught their phrase and then manipulated and collaborated with the rest of the group.  Ideas we were to consider were how unison looked?  If only three were dancing?  If only two were dancing?  If only one?  Our group of Kailee Segarra, Maxi Riley, Hazel Black, and myself ended up using all of these ideas in contrast with stillness, with members of the group constantly picking up and dropping off of the movement.  Unintentionally, a theme of duets, and order dissolving into chaos ensued.


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