Analysis Study 1

Dance Analysis has so far been a struggle for me this semester.  The concepts seem very vague and subjective, and my brain tends to work in concrete facts.  However, in our first study, the Body Articulation Duet, the concepts started to become clearer. 

With a partner, we were to create a short movement phrase that demonstrated opposing/complementary body articulation concepts.  Our choices to work with were Body Attitude, Initiation, Sequencing/Body Flow, Body Participation, and Connectivity.  My partner, Mason Chapello, and I each created separate phrases, and then combined them to create our duet.

While creating my own movement, I would pick a Body Articulation concept and focus on it for a move or two.  It was interesting to see how my movement choices changed when I had a specific dynamic in mind.  It was also interesting to see how my original movement could be changed to fit a dynamic so that it correlated with Mason’s.

This study helped me to grasp the concepts of Body Articulation, and I am excited to see how these new ideas will inspire my future movement composition.


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