Compositional Strengths

After our first couple of studies we were finally able to move onto the floor.  That was a particularly exciting day because floor work is one of my strengths.  I am a resilient dancer so movement into and out of the floor is satisfying to me; Sofie Clemmensen’s movement is some of my favorite.  There is something honest and grounding about the earth, which makes it easier for me to generate genuine movement.  The floor will always be there to catch you, even gently if you allow it to, which provides a sense of comfort that allows me to freely create without fear of judgement or regret.  Being metered in floor movement was challenging for me because the in and out of the floor was too controlled, but the unmetered floor study condoned a more natural state of being since there were no counts, allowing me to give my weight into the floor in any timing and to structure the “music” however I wanted.

That being said, finding the structure of music is another one of my strengths.  The use of music is a choreographic tool for me.  I tend to pick up on the dynamic shifts in tempo, tone, and quality and let those directly influence the dynamics of the movement that I create.  I still tend to dance “to the music” (accenting movement with accents in the music, etc) and let the structure of my movement follow the structure of the musical phrase, but I am starting to learn when to depart from the structure, which can only let this strength grow for me.  In my current study using “The Banshee” by Henry Cowell I am following the structure of the music with the movement because that is the assignment.  However, in my final study I plan on focusing developing this strength of mine by playing with the structure I hear, sometimes dancing “to the music,” and other times not.

As someone who struggles in composition, I tend to get down on myself which is not productive.  Now that I have recognized my strengths I am excited to explore them more thoroughly and see where my curiosity leads me.


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