The Banshee

After completing our latest assignment, it turns out another compositional strength of mine is working with narrative elements.  Usually when I create movement it is just for movement’s sake.  However, I approached this assignment, using the song ” The Banshee” composed by Henry Cowell, a different way.

After messing around with some movement, none of which I particularly liked, I decided to research a little more about banshees.  Banshees are mythical beings of Irish folklore, appearing with long hair as either a beautiful woman or a hag, that appear at homes and wail at the impending death of a loved one.

Next, I realized that I heard the music in seven sections, which immediately made the connection to the seven stages of grief.

With this part of a narrative, I started to choreograph.  This in turn inspired the finished narrative of this composition: how does the banshee grieve when she loses a loved one?


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