Artist Statement

I dance because it keeps me grounded.  As a military brat, I have moved every two years of my life and consequently have gone through a lot of change.  Eight times now I have had new houses, new schools, and new friends, but dance has always stuck around.  Despite this hectic rush of moving from one corner of the country to the other I have remained stable and kept a hold on who I am because I always have dance to turn to.  I have learned that “home” is not a place, it is a feeling.  Dance gives me that feeling, dance is my home.  There is such a release in letting your emotions go by pushing your body to the breaking point.  Any bruise, Marley burn, or ache after dancing to your limits is therapeutic; the physical pain takes away any emotional pain and inner turmoil.  I need to dance; it is how I cope with this crazy thing called life.  Dance has gotten me through death, stress, betrayal, and heartbreak.  It pushes me past my fears, clears my head, and puts life back into my world when I cannot find it on my own.  Dance heals me.

Through earning a BFA in Dance I hope to perform.  While the rush of adrenaline under the stage lights is a feeling like no other, I perform for the journey to get to the stage.  Each performance is a challenge; never do I learn a piece and think “oh, this is easy.”  Every single piece requires not just the physicality of the movement (that part comes along with practice) the challenge comes from finding myself in each dance that I learn.  Every performance is simply the culmination of the journey.  Each time I perform I grow as a person, so to have a career in which I get to push myself every day to become the best that I can be cannot be any more rewarding.

Dancers are artists, but we are also athletes, and the athleticism of dance and how we keep our bodies well through it all fascinates me.  Pushing our bodies to jump higher, turn faster, and reach further in a healthy way is so exciting to study, so therefore I am minoring in Human Nutrition and focusing in Dance Wellness.  That way, when one day I cannot dance to the extent that I used to, which will inevitably happen, I can help all sorts of athletes find the same release, exhilaration, and focus that dance gives me.